Q6600 or XE 965

Trying to figure out which chip will prove better / faster etc... i am currently using an intel core 2 quad Q6600 but have come into possession of an XE965.

What do you guys recommend as the better/faster/more awesome chip?

I mostly play WOW, and QuakeLive, a few other graphics intensive games, etc...

I understand they are different lines entirely, but im having a hard time comparing and contrasting the two. im running a P5N-D Board.
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  1. Q6600 is better 4 cores is better then 2 with HT The XE965 is just a pentium D with HT
  2. I thought OP meant Phenom II 965 BE...

    OP, a little clarity?
  3. XE965 = Xtreme Edition i7-965
  4. mi1ez said:
    I thought OP meant Phenom II 965 BE...

    OP, a little clarity?

    Dude an XE965 is a Pentium D extreme edition that they added hyper threading and a 1066 FSB to a pentium D 965 and called it a XE965 i almost got one 4 years ago when it came out but it retailed for about a grand at the time.

    It is a presler core so still has crappy netburst technology so any core 2 out doesn't matter on model will beat the pants off this processor the hyper threading they added to it didn't help at all.
  5. andy5174 said:
    XE965 = Xtreme Edition i7-965

    Another no to this one too he obviously talking about a lga775 socket so no AMD and no to I7 LOLs I cant believe yall dont know what an XE965 is shame on yall.
  6. The Q6600 will absolutely run 20 times faster/better than the XE965, not to mention you can overclock the Q6600 pretty good. Should be able to hit 3.0 GHz no sweat, even on stock cooling, of course, if you wanted to overclock.
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