Asus high motherboard and gpu temperature

i just built a new custom desktop pc and i am using amd II x4 phenom 2.6ghz
with vista on 1gb ram with 160 and 500 gb disks on a standard midi tower case which supports 3 80mm fans (i think thats the problem)

the problem is that my asus m4n78 pro is working on 67-69 degrees and the gpu on 46-49 degrees and i am scared of braking it...!!

i have a cpu (amd),chassis(akasa),and power (akasa)fan connected...
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  1. Those temps are relatively normal. You shouldn't worry about it. Sounds like you have enough fans already.
  2. the programs that asus have show to me that 70 degrees at mb and 49 at gpu are dangerous....but if you say must know... thank yyou
  3. If your system is stable (no artifacts, bluescreens, or freeze ups) then you should be ok. I am surprised your system runs well with just one gig of ram. I would use at least 2 gigs. But be sure the second stick is exactly the same brand and type. Mixing different ram is never good.
  4. buy a new midsized tower case that supports 120mm fans. you can get one for like 50 bucks if you don't mind its not super fancy looking. swap your guts over to the bigger case.
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