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Hey Guys,

I have a prob here, Ive just installed arctic cooler freezer 7 pro on my dell XPS 7100 and now and then I get CPU fan failure at start up, only come once if I reboot I cant see it on screen,but if i live PC off for a certain amount of time it comes back, Ive checked fan is working properly also cables are in the right place and all seems normal I've checked bios but cannot see any options, any ideas what is causing this and how I can fix it?


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  1. Hello,

    I have a prob here, Ive just installed arctic cooler freezer 7 pro on my dell XPS 7100 and now and then I get CPU fan failure at start up, only come once if I reboot I cant see it on screen,but if i live PC off for a certain amount of time it comes back, Ive checked fan is working properly also cables are in the right place and all seems normal I've checked bios but cannot see any options, any ideas what is causing this and how I can fix it?

  2. Chances are the board just can not detect a fan spinning so slow.

    As long as it runs, I would just see if you have an ignore option for that fan. It is normally in the hardware monitor/system health section of the bios.
  3. Dont have anything in the bios, dell xps 7100 bios is pretty basic ,weird thing is fan works perfectly and cpu arent hot at all, on core temp software i dont get hotter than 24 degrees, I was thinking to put old fan back in or shall I just ignore the error? Its a bit annoying thou, I only get this error since ive fitted new cooler

  4. Chances are the new fan spins slower then the old one(common with quieter heatsinks). That made this error happen for many users, but since most had home built computers, it was just an option to disable the warning in the bios.
  5. Ok cool so what shall I do then? get back the old fan or keep this one and ignore error?
  6. If your temperatures are good, i would ignore it.

    Does the bios at least let you see the fan speeds?
  7. Nah I cannot see any bios settings at all, is pretty basic, temps are pretty good using temp core software and temps are around 25 degrees, i really would like to get rid of this error coz is so annoying
  8. Does you old fan have the same plug as the new one?
  9. Yea 4 pins is a great cooler only prob is this damn error lol

  10. Ok, I just wanted to make sure the old Dell fan had the same 4 pin pwm fan setup.

    I actually had a Freezer 7 Pro on a system for a while too :)
  11. So shall i put back the old dell cooler? Or keep the freezer pro? Seems thers nothing i can do to ditch this annoying cpu fan error
  12. Well, it is up to you. The error should not hurt anything.

    IF you are satisfied that the new cooler is doing everything it should, just ignore the error.
  13. I am satisfied, I will give it a go and see how it is....Seems much better than a Dell one is quiet and temps are great, prolly spin is low as u said and i get error :-)
  14. This happened after you applied the thermal paste?

    How's your cpu temperature?

    If it's a fan error you're getting, you check with your motherboard company.
  15. Cpu temp is great 24-25 degrees I think thermal paste has nothing to do with fan error I think is a false positive and get too low on spins when starts up, when I bought cooler paste was already there pre spreaded and ready to be installed, is a DELL XPS 7100 and thers no option on bios to disable error, if you read above Ive mentioned few times. Thanks
  16. Ive posted same thread on diff page have a look:

  17. I would return the cooler. The fan motor may have a locked rotor issue and not coming up to speed. I presume the system was OK with the stock cooler.
  18. Yea system was ok with stock cooler but This one works perfectly and temperatures are so great ( 22 degrees) so is doing a good job...I will just ignore error
  19. Item is not returnable
  20. weird thing when i check fan spin on overdrive software Rpm aren't constant, they vary between 1250, 65000 and 375000
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    Arctic cooler freezer 7 pro
  23. This fan is driving me crazy, rpm readings are changing every 3 seconds on AMD overdrive software 1350, 375000 and 675000, but temps are brilliant and never ever overheats, everything is the right place, ive just send an email to the artic support and see what they will say! Damn cpu fan error lol
  24. It is normal for a fan speed to move a bit, but no way the Freezer 7 gets 375000 and 675000. The fan is rated for 2200rpm max(it still may get a bit above that, but not much)

    I am not sure if the fan is to blame of if the board has issues with the speed reading.

    Can you grab hwmon to see what it says?

    Also it may be interesting to know how fast the Dell fan spins. You can plug the Freezer 7 into another fan header if you have one and run the dell fan on the cpu header just to see how fast it spins. If the dell fan spins at 2000 and the Freezer spins at 1200, that would explain the fan error for sure.

    Dell expects to see its fan and set the fan warning to let you know that the fan has failed or is failing, but if you use a much slower fan, the error will be triggered as well.
  25. Hey Nuke :-)

    board hasn't issues at all never had probs before and other cooler wasn't giving me hassles and ive search other users and got same prob wit artic cooler, I have already CPUIDMONITOR and reading are same from 0 to 1250 to 675000
    even overdrive detect same anyways temps are great 22 degrees

    have a look what users said regarding artic pro cooler they have same issues I have regarding RPM readings

  26. That would seem like lots of people with the same issue, maybe Arctic did mess something up. I know on occasion i will get a very high fan reading too, but its like a1 second every now and then. My Freezer 7 Pro(Think it was rev1) did not have this, but was only used on 1 board(Asus P5W DH).

    That said, It does seem to be working(cooling as it should).
  27. Yea Nuke is working perfectly and fan is spinning quietly and nicely, as we discussed before i will ignore error and see how it goes, but I am sure arctic pro got sum bugs as most of people complaining about RPM readings i was checking temps and i have 20 degrees IDLE that's great :-)
  28. For the hell of it, i am going to break out my old Freezer 7 Pro and connect it up to a new board and see what it says for speeds :)

    I do recommend some stress testing of gaming to make sure the fan is keeping up as the system works harder(I have no reason to guess it would not, but safe to check).
  29. I sure will, if you know any good test plz let me know, cooler is working perfectly
  30. Prime95 makes lots of heat. It is used by many overclockers(me included) to test stability(over 24 hours of run). Since all you want is heat, run for about 15min(in place large FFTs) or until the temperatures have stabilized.


    As for testing, since my Freezer 7 is so old, it seems to not have this issue. Not at least in my test here.
    CPUFANIN is the Freezer 7 fan(not that it is on its heatsink) I ran prime to get the temps and speeds up, but it did not move much.
  31. min value on mine stays 0 at all times while other 2 vary at all times
  32. Yeah, some kind of fan sensor error or the fan sending information in a way that many boards can not see right. But how about the cpu temps under load, as long as they are good, its just time to ignore that error.
  33. not at home right now I will do test tomora, i can tell while playing future soldier today temps were round 39 degrees
  34. Those seem like good temps.

    Drop a message of max temp when you can, but i think aside of the error and speed monitor issue, everything else seems to be working as intended.
  35. I will, and tnx for help
  36. Ok Nuke temps while testing was round 47 degrees I think is pretty good what ya think?
  37. that is very good.
  38. Sweet :-)
  39. I have had this same issue on Asus M5A78L-M MB with Arctic 7 Pro (Rev 2).
    At first I thought it was the fan so I popped in the fan my CPU came with, no problems, took the fan back, got a new one & just installed. Fan error message on boot up! I use PC Probe II and it's registered my CPU can as going, though on one or 2 occasions that registered the fan as not moving at all, I opened the case and found this to be true! However I don't have to touch anything, shut down, restart & all is ok. (on old fan only so may have been defective. Literally installed new Arctic fan 10 minutes ago)

    So as far as I can tell, the fan is ok, just immensely frustrating, as I'm sure other suffers are finding!
  40. My old Asus board used to shut a fan right off when the temps got low, but with modern boards and PWM(old boards used voltage and it it dropped to low, the fan would stop), this should never be an issue.

    As long as your board is set to PWM fan control and it still happens then AC has some kind of issue or something. I was always under the impression it was just a reporting issue not an actual stoppage issue.
  41. Finally Ive sold my Dell and got an I7 2700k with z68 mobo...I need a new cooler thou, what you recommend nuke?
  42. If you have the space, money and low profile memory something like the NH D14 is hard to beat. You can also find many similar coolers at a lower price with similar and even slight better performance.


    If that is too expensive, something like a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ or 212 EVO should work as well.

    212 Plus with 10 dollar rebate

    212 Evo

    Most tower style coolers perform very well, just make sure your case is wide enough. Chances are if you can fit a 120mm rear fan, most of these tower style coolers will fit.
  43. The stock heatsink on the 2700K is pretty bat to be honest(very small and not powerful at all). So that may actually be better. I have never used that one.

    That cooler is rated for 95 watts, so i would not push high overclocks with it.

    Just for reference.

    AMD Stock cooler (955 BE)| I5/I7 1156/1155 cooler | Core2 Duo Cooler | 1366(17 920) Cooler

    As you can see, Even old Intel coolers are better, but Intel has greatly reduced power waste in newer cpus, but it is still just up to the task.

    I you want more overclocking, I would get something a bit bigger as heat can build up quick.
  44. To be honest havent oc yet, but i know sandybridge heat up quickly, i will def change cooler. Thanks
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