I put a movie on usb disk, but it won't play when transferred to new

I put film on usb drive

Drag and drop it onto a different pc , after I put usb stick in

but it won't play ?
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  1. The PC probably does not have the correct software to recognize the file type.

    Ex. A dvd move has several dot vob files. If you copy these files to a USB stick, it will not atomatically come run. you would have to double click each individual file - and then you must also (in this case) have a program that can play a dot VOB file.

    Their are many different video file formats such as .VOB and Mpeg and ect. - What specific file are you tring to play (PS .xxx is not a file type - LOL)
  2. Try downloading VLC media player and installing it onto the computer you are trying to play the video from. It usually can play about 90% of the content out there.


    Hope this helps.
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