Need help with deciding what liquid cooling system to get

Hi I am new looking to build my first computer for gaming these are the proposed specs:

Intel 3770K (OC highest I can get it)
MSI geforce 680 twin frozr
MSI Z77a GD65
OCZ z series 850W modular 80+gold
kingston hyperx ram 2133mhz (8GB)
Haf X (replacing all fans with bitfenix pro and planning on doing push pull airflow system
Antec 920 lcs?
2 m4 crucial ssd
1 tb seagate HDD

I was originally gonna go with antec 920 LCS, any other opinions? I want to OC as much as possible with ivy bridge but I need a robust cooler because of the extreme heat it puts out.

many thanks
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  1. Antec or Corsair closed loop coolers aren't what I would consider 'robust' coolers...they perform about as well as most good air coolers.
  2. What are your expectations and budget? Is this only for the CPU? Do you ever plan to expend the loop to cool more things?

    your case is large enough to put in a real watercooling loop with multiple radiators without much trouble. There are a few entry level kits listed in the sticky for real water cooling you may want to look at that should perform better than the closed loop solutions you were looking at.
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