Faulty psu? bad power switch? bad motherboard?

okay so i have a problem with my computer.
heres the story... last monday i came home from school, (left the pc on) and i went to go finish dragonage, but i had a leak in my WC setup (2 days after i did a 24hr leak test...) so i turned my system off, and cleaned 95% of the liquid, there is some liquid in the holes on the PCI slots, pain to get out.... so after i cleaned it i tryed to turn the system on, no power. (few days go by) its thursday, try to get my pc to turrn on, check all the connections, all are OK. nothing, then on friday i turned it on and well, it turned on, installed win 7 and thought i was good, nope, today i try to turn it on and nothing happens,

heres what i have tried to do:
- use my old working psu from my backup pc (the one im using now) and install it in the other one, nothing..
-jumped the psu and it works, everything lights up etc,
-tried using the old psu again, and from my memory the motherboard turned on cause the bottom of the mobo there is a little display that shows 2 numbers/lettrs and it lit up.
tryed using the power switch cable from my old case, nothing...
-tryed putting the reset switch into the power switch header, nothing.

so i am not sure if its the motherboard header or the case switch. the psu seems fine cause it works when i jump it and NO liquid got into it.

i need some help cause well it sucks not being able to use my 5850 crossfire setup.

thanks in advance

-also i didnt know what section to put this under so i put it here, hope thats not a prob,

case: antec 1200
mobo: asrock x58 extreme
cpu: core i7 920
ram: 6gb OCZ
HDD: 2 640gb in raid 0, 1 TB HDD
gpu: 2 5850's
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  1. Sounds like the mobo went down the toilet.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Sounds like the mobo went down the toilet.

    yea thats what im starting to think, i plugged the power switch from my antec 1200 and plugged it into my old pc and it turned on so i know its not the power switch
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