Speed up my pc without ram

i built a new custom pc with vista black edition ...it works but its slow because of the low ram (1gb).i bought 4gb from ebay...but i cant wait...i have many work... is there any way to speed my pc up???

*i use virtual memory at 4096 mb

asus m4n78 pro
amd II x4 2.6 ghz quad core
500 gb sata
160 gb sata
1gb ram
dvd writer
windowa vista
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  1. Vista takes over 1gb of RAM by itself from my experience, so that'd explain the slowness. The OS takes all the available RAM. There's not really much you can do besides wait, imo.
  2. do you know anything about other os i can use???
  3. XP and Win7 both use up less RAM. Linux uses even less RAM generally, but it's not for everybody. Those are the 3 options I'd suggest.
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