Motherboard or Memory problem?


Good day! Im really confused on this one:
1. When I turn on the computer it shows a Cheksum error.
2. Then it doesnt detect my CD ROM drive.
3. Windows Xp is very slow in starting, loading approximately 3 minutes..

What seems to be the problem? A motherboard or memory? What step should i take to fix it? Or do i need to buy a new mobo or ram stick?

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Generally a checksum error on start indicates a BIOS problem. If you have the BIOS file on a floppy or other media, you can reflash it. If not, you should go to your motherboard manufacturer's website, search support for your motherboard model, download the most recent BIOS version, and flash it following the mfr's instructions.
  2. Thanks treefrog07! Actually i can reset the settings of the BIOS or press F1 to disregard it.. The only problem i got is why it doesnt retect my CD ROM (IDE) and it takes a while to boot (My OS is WinXP).. Do i have to replace my board for this matter?
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