Toshiba graphics card upgrades

i don't know what is in this laptop but it freezes up on games on line and slow how can i fix it if it is possible
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  1. Please post exactly which laptop you have.

    Odds are, you will not be able to upgrade your laptops GPU.
    Laptops that support upgradable GPUs are quite rare and very expensive.
  2. only ones i know of that used to be able to upgrade was older dell inspirons it was a rare breed.
  3. the dell XPSs had a completely seperate graphics card that could be changed, unfortunately they're stupidly expensive and tend to overheat.
  4. Oh... my first recommendation would be to add some more RAM (Easiest thing to upgrade) It is possible to upgrade the processor but it depends on the socket type and where you could get a chip from. They're dear enough to buy new but if you know somebody who deals with laptops and repairs there is a chance you can get a second hand one as an upgrade. I have a few old AMD and intel noteboox processors but none of them are any good, mostly single core from old laptops I've stripped for parts.
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