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Can't read Core CPU Tempuratures


I'm working on overclocking my computer for the first time and I figured out how to do it by reading guides and such but when trying it myself and making sure my CPU doesn't overheat I cant read the temperatures of the individual CPUs. I have a AMD Phenom II x4 955 4-Core 3.2 Ghz Black Edition. I've gone into my BIOS and disabled the ASUS unlocking since the Black edition processer is already unlocked, but I can't read the temperature of the cores its always 0 in any program i use, OCCT, AMD Overdrive, and others. Fanspeed gives me a temperature but i know that is the temp of the cpu not the cores and that it can be really far off of the core temp which as i understand it is the important value. I've been searching forums for hours and doen everything they say but i can't for the life of me get the temperatures to show even though i have reset my processor to the default values and havent overclocked it yet. Please help =\
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  1. HW monitor?

    Updated BIOS?
  2. All of my Bios are up to date and hwmonitor doesnt work either no application will.
  3. My motherboard is an ASUS M4A88T-M LE btw
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    uninstall HW monitor and reset BIOS to default, unlocking feature can cause that
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  6. hmm well reseting my bios worked this time even though i had tried it before anyhow thank you =)
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