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I got a weird error when I went to install the Diablo 3 beta that I just got invited to today (hurrah :D). When I went to install it, the installer hit me with a weird error saying the hard drive was full and I followed the link provided. On their website I found a redirect to another page that said there may be something wrong with your hard drive. So I reboot and check on the booting pages and one of my HDDs is working fine while the other says, just plainly, "error". I'm in raid 0 and have not noticed a problem until just today, so I don't really see anything wrong aside from this diablo 3 thing. Any clue on how I could figure out whats wrong and fix it, and hopefully without reformating the whole thing?

They are each 500gb WD Caviar blacks and I have had no problems until now when I first built the computer in August.
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  1. have you tried submitting feedback to Blizzard?
  2. teholdsedare said:
    have you tried submitting feedback to Blizzard?

    I just did, but I need to know if there really is a problem with my hard drive or not, and if there is a way to find out.
  3. You say it was a wierd error.

    Start off with exactly what it said. :) Do you have more then one partition and its attempting to install it there on accident? Maybe there is something simple you are overlooking.

    Do you have any other HDs to attempt it on?

    Thats the next thing you could do... start your hardware troubleshooting process. Start eliminating causes of your issue. For all you know it could be some install file glitch that does not see large HDs? Who knows. Can only figure it out by testing I guess.

    If it were mine, I would attempt it on another HD if I had one... er... I mean hook up a 2nd sata drive and just use that for a dedicated game drive or something.
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