I type for url and Google homepage shows up

when ever i go to
or or many other sites it just goes to the google homepage, but the url is correct.

BTW it DOES NOT do this on any other computer on my network (macs and pc's)

I'm on a custom built computer that uses win 7 and I've done full scans on ad aware free, and windows defender, and nothing shows.

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  1. Toolbar? Something is redirecting you.
  2. no toolbars and it does it on all browsers.
  3. Some type of adware//spyware or a program that has been installed that is redirecting the address. Is it your personal computer or do others have access to using it? Might check whats all been installed.
  4. Have you checked your HOST file or your connection DNS settings?

    From the sounds of things, I'm thinking that maybe you might have been Pranked.

    Then again, you mentioned using ad aware free, if the program below is the
    one you used to scan your system, then you used a Rogue (BAD) Program.

  5. No I used the legit copy straight from lavasoft it's not the fake. But I also ran avg and malwarebytes and they deleted viruses and malware but nothing fixed my problem.
    How do you check the HOST file and set DNS settings back to default
  6. Best answer
    The HOST file is located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and can be opened with a simple text editor such as Notepad. If it is too big for Notepad, you can use Textpad.

    As for your DNS, it depends on whether or not you have a DNS changer worm present on your system or possibly on your router. (yes routers can be infected too)

    Open Network and Sharing Center > Then click on the Local Area Connection Link.
    You'll get a new dialog window, click Properties > then double click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Another dialog window will open. in the bottom select Obtain DNS server address automatically unless you are using a DNS service such as which I highly recommend.

    The DNS entries for OpenDNS are as follows:
  7. And what should I do to the host file?
  8. when you open the host file, the entries should read such as:

    This is just an example

    The is your local host (your own system)

    So any calls to the address listed on the right will get redirected to the IP address listed on the left. In other words, with the local host address, the call dead ends and is never made. is known as a Loop Back address or rather a Blackhole address and has the same effect, but it is preferable to use the local host address.

    If you find any other address other than the local host or the loop back addresses, then you have what is known as a redirect. Redirects are usually used by infections to redirect calls to bad sites. Another use of redirects is to play practical jokes on others or to prevent unauthorized access to sites or better yet, to speed up access to a known site by inserting the actual IP address of a known site that you regularly visit.

    So use a text editor to open the HOST file (no extention) and look for any address which has a redirect IP address inserted and remove the offending lines.

    Or you could just delete the entire host file.
  9. There is nothing there.
    No text whatsoever. Is that normal?

    also the file is called hosts
    not HOST
    is that because of Win 7 or something else?
  10. I do have a networks file
    The entry there is : loopback 127

    This file is just like the HOST file that you were describing earlier
  11. i just deleted the neworks file and now my comp can go to all those sites!
    I couldn't have done this without you guys!! thanks sooooo much!
  12. Looks like I was right about someone playing a prank on you.

    Although I wouldn't have thought of using the networks file for this. :D


    While you're at it, just to be safe, install and run SpyBot-Search & Destroy (don't use the TeaTimer) to see if it finds anything. I personally feel it's better than AdAware.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  13. what about AVG? compared to Spybot?

    Merry Chistmas and have a great 2010
  14. AVG is an Anti-Virus where as SpyBot-S&G is a specialized tool for detection & removal of such stuff as Spyware, Malware, and a number of other bad stuff.

    It's like AdAware, but better.

    As to Anti-Virus programs, I recently switched to Microsoft Security Essentials because of the recent high ratings they received. So far, everything seems to be running just fine and my system seems to have a little extra kick to it.
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