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Hello All,

I'm on my last resort on this issue. Today I went out and bought an internal fan for my PC. I unplugged everything and put the fan in. In my own stupidty I removed the jumper cap from clearRTC connection. I plugged that fan into that port and than took it in the house. I plugged everything back in and the PC wouldn't power on. I removed the fan and still nothing will power on. I know for a fact that its not a power supply issue because I tested with another power supply and recieved the same results. I'm now not sure what to try. The motherboard power light comes on so I'm not thinking the mobo is the problem. Am i going to have to remove the mobo battery to reset it to get it to work? I'm really frantic since I';ve had no issues with the PC and thats the only thing I've changed. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I would try that, because it will reset the bios to defaults. Hopefully that will do it.
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