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As of now I am currently trying to make the a really nice computer to its fullest potential.

MB: Asus Rampage II Extreme
CPU: i7-920 2.66 GHz
Harddrive: 320 GB Raptor possibly 2?
PSU: 1000Watt Thermaltake
RAM: Corsair 8GB DDR3 2000
Monitor: Hanns-G 28"
GPU: 4870 x2 and another one so two in total.
Sound Card: NEED HELP CHOOSING 2 OF THEM ONE FOR HEADPHONES AND ONE FOR SPEAKERS! I really want the BEST QUALITY to hear a difference!! Help choose speakers as well. Headphones I will use Dr. Dres headphones.
Chassis: MID TOWER Armor+. Hopefully it will fit everything because it does quiete seem very big for a mid tower. If not please tell me.

1. Will 1000watt PSU be enough for this?
2. Any components I should change?
3. Since it will produce a lot of heat what do I need to do to keep it cool.
4. Is it possible to make this computer cheaper, but with the same amazing performance (Keep in mind I am trying to make a computer to its fullest potential)?

Thank You for those who helped me and took time in reading this long list of stuff.
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  1. 8gigs of ram is really excessive unless you are doing hd video rendering and editing. 4gbs is what i have in ddr2 running W7 64bit and i have yet to experience a hiccup with my old intel e6400 dual core. I would scrap the 4870x2. ATI no longer manufacturers this card which will cause the price to go up. It already has. Also, they are hard to find. For some real graphical power two of ATI's Radeon 4890s will compete with and beat the gtx295 in some games. Yes, it is an older fabricating die that uses more power, but they pack a supreme punch. Plus these cards can be overclocked much more than any nvidia offering or the new 5 series ati rolled out. It's tough to offer a single high end card anymore. The Radeon 5870 is slower than dual 4890s in almost all games and costs $400 and up. Yes it uses less power and has direct x11, but your power supply will cover that and dx11 will not be implemented in either games nor operating systems within the next two years. Direct x 10 has been out for 2 years and is just now hitting its stride. If you want an nvidia offering, sorry to say but these Radeon's in crossfire will trounce anything under $500. For dual gpus and an overclocked i920, you could get away with an 800 or 750watt psu. (Your total system should peak at 550 on load with the parts i recommended)
    ^my favorite, especially at the price. Corsair is a terrific manufacturer with great customer service and warranty. I'm going to quit typing because i could go on for a while and it would eventually hurt your eyes. These are some ideas. (don't be discouraged by the low price, this is a terrific board for mild to medium overclocking- under 25%) (serious overclocking can be accomplished with both asus boards, 4ghz+) <(best air cooler on market)
    The new raptors only come in 150 or 300gb variations. if not one of those:
    ^nearly as fast. gotta love WD
    terrific latency and you can double it up for 8gb if you so choose at a great price
    The case is always YOUR decision because of aesthetics but here r some recommendations:
    ^superb airflow and the fans can be set to low so they are quiet
    ^ a little smaller than the rest, but it will accommodate both gpus nicely
    Monitor: not a fan of the manufacturer so i picked a few others
    Sound card: (use integrated audio from case or mobo for headphones)
    Speakers: i've personally owned the first url for over 3 years and love 'em)
    It's hard to find a 5.1 setup for the pc anymore. The logitech z5500 would have been my recommendation but they are now $400 and that's ridiculous. Some people say that they have no highs or lows and that they are just loud. I have heard them first hand and i had no contention with them. I thought they sounded magnificent for both music and games. If you are looking for a setup, try a home theater system that you could connect to your motherboard, any of the 3 i suggested have optical out. You can find blue ray systems at bestbuy for $300.
    I hope this covers everything. Sorry for posting the worlds longest response. Good luck with the build. :)
  2. When you post links to newegg, please also list the part name and price/ Many just want to read the list and it takes a lot longer to have to click through all those links,
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