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As of now I am currently trying to make the a really nice computer to its fullest potential.

MB: Asus Rampage II Extreme
CPU: i7-920 2.66 GHz
Harddrive: 320 GB Raptor possibly 2?
PSU: 1000Watt Thermaltake
RAM: Corsair 8GB DDR3 2000
Monitor: Hanns-G 28"
GPU: 4870 x2 and another one so two in total.
Sound Card: NEED HELP CHOOSING 2 OF THEM ONE FOR HEADPHONES AND ONE FOR SPEAKERS! I really want the BEST QUALITY to hear a difference!! Help choose speakers as well. Headphones I will use Dr. Dres headphones.
Chassis: MID TOWER Armor+. Hopefully it will fit everything because it does quiete seem very big for a mid tower. If not please tell me.

1. Will 1000watt PSU be enough for this?
2. Any components I should change?
3. Since it will produce a lot of heat what do I need to do to keep it cool.
4. Is it possible to make this computer cheaper, but with the same amazing performance (Keep in mind I am trying to make a computer to its fullest potential)?

Thank You for those who helped me and took time in reading this long list of stuff.
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  1. You can change the following things in your build:

    1.Raptors are overpriced.Get Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB for much cheaper.
    Very nice drives and fast too. Another option:WD Caviar Blue/Black 500GB.

    2.Get Corsair 850HX instead of TT 1000w.

    3.Ditch that GPU for sure.
    Get single 5850/5870 for now.Add another down the road and enjoy better performance for much lower power consumption.
    DX11 is a plus too!
  2. or instead of a raptor you could get an ssd and the samsung f3
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