Cosair or Kingston or Gskill

Looking to buy 6GB of RAM for my new gaming desktop system, with the following configuration:-

Intel core i7 930 with X58 mobo
nvidia gtx 460
24'' Dell ST2410
500GB WD black edition hard drive

I am still undecided as to which brand of RAM will suit me most. Though I am looking for very high performance I dont want to overclock. I wanted to install corsair dominator, but its very expensive. So, other than corsair which other brand of RAM will give me very high performance?

I am mostly into flash content, after effects, 3d rendering and graphic designing.

Your comments, Thanks!
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  1. All of them are good brands.Since you aren't going to OC then get a DDR3 1333MHz RAM with CL7/8 and with 1.65v or lower voltage.
    Corsair Dominator is good, but i wouldn't recommend it because you don't want to OC.
  2. Thanks for the advise, I will go with Gskill...
  3. No problem,hope you enjoy it
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