Will windows 8 64 bit and XP 32 bit dual boot

I just bought a SYSTEM WITH WINDOWS 8 and after the first day I am not happy with this new system, I am all ready having issues with iTunes and my biggest problem I can't run the latest version of AutoCAD, I would like to try and dual boot, I have a clean windows XP which has never been installed,, I have already partitioned my hard drive, my system came with a 2T hard dive,, I have left 500 gb for windows xp.. is there a program that I can install that will help me dual boot????


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  1. Windows is designed with dual-booting of itself (including different versions) in mind.
    - Thus: You do not require a 3rd party application to partition and 'boot manage' your HDD, since you have partitioned it yourself.

    Being Windows XP I would recommend having it within the first 137GB of the HDD if possible, so long as it is Service Pack 1 or later anything in the first 2TB should be fine to boot from though.
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