Cannot format hard disk

Hello,i am formatting my hard disk.
it's not moving from 0 percent.what will i do? please help. I change already the memory, cd rom, installation disk but it's still the same.thanks in advance.....
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  1. Which is ur hdd?How did u format ,during xp setup or by other way,We need more information on ur problem,

    Please give more information!
  2. I agree, how were you formatting, what were you using? Were you installing windows? Is your HD new or is an old clunker?

    If your going in windows (With windows running) then it wont work, you can't eat your own head... :) That is what windows will have to do if it starts formating the hard drive. Personaly I dont get why they put the formating tool into windows... Unless you are creating one... :) You will have to try a clean install with windows, or Linux if your so inclined.

    If you are doing a clean install, check your disk, clean it, and try it agian. Look at your hard drive. If its an old clunker of a thing, get a new one... :)

    If its not either you'll have to supply a little more info... :)
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