Want to buy a graphics card!

hey there!

i hav an old rigg, :pfff:

specs are:

Pentium D 915 2.8GHz
intel DG965RY mobo
DDR2 2GB 800 Ram

i'm thinkin of getting a sapphire ati 5770 grahics card, will i run into any issues?

oh and changing the mobo+proc are outa the picture :??: :whistle:

if nt the 5770, wat else can i get?

thanks again! :hello:
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  1. intel Q9550
    asus rampagea extreme
    OCZ 4GB 1333Mhz

    ..... i plan on getting a sapphire ati 5870 vaporx edition

    abt my old rigg,

    mentioned above, i need help wid choosing a grafix card for the pentium D

    thanx 4 d quick reply!
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    For that dual core I would not go any higher with GPU than HD5750 HD4850 or GTS250. Every thing higher in the ranking would not be able to run at full potential. Then again if you are planning a upgrade in the near future you can buy the HD5770 to carry over to the new system although it would not be running on full potential on your current setup. There should not be any issues.
  3. oh i hav n xfx 8600GT Fatal1ty DDR3 version
  4. All of the cards I mention above are a big upgrade from 8600GT
  5. thanx bro!

    if it was down to choose value for money which grafix card wud be better- the 4850 or the 5750?
  6. 4890
  7. That would work just fine. Might I also suggest 1 more GB of ram to go along with that? It would be a great cheap compliment to the 5770.
    I like the 915. I OCed one of those to 3.9GHz, which definitely extended the life of my buddies PC.
  8. Lutfij said:
    thanx bro!

    if it was down to choose value for money which grafix card wud be better- the 4850 or the 5750?

    If you are on XP and the HD4850 is cheaper and your PSU is 500watts the HD4850. If your PSU is 400 -450 watt the HD5750 since it is very power efficient.
  9. i thout i wasnt supposed to go over 4850...?
  10. 5750 is very bad value only 5770,5850 and 5870 are decent value. The 4850 was EOL awhile ago so it probably hard to find one that isn't refurbished.

    Also no point in getting DX11 card unless the computer is at least vista At 150 for the 5750 just 20 bucks under the 5770 it's horrible price performance. At 120 you can get a GTS 250 or a 4770 but in that race the GTS 250 is a better performer.

    If you can get a 4850 for 100 110 then it's a good value.
    list from left to right weakest to strongest
    Basiclly you can find GTS 250 at 110 for 512mb or 120 for 1 gig and it performs just above a 4850 which when the 1 gig 4850 was at 100 bucks was a bad deal but now that it's harder to get a 4850 GTS 250 is a better value

    Also here are a list of better cpus that support that mobo a Pentium D is not exactly known for performance. That was when Pentiums were shitty and AMD line up was great.
  11. like i mentioned, changing the mobo / proc is not a possible scenario
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