Can't turn on system have Antec 300 case.


For some weird reason I can't figure out how to get the front panel connectors to work with my new MSI p55 gd65 MOBO. If anyone has a detailed picture with the connectors would be awesome because the manual is very confusing.

I can turn on my system by manually turning on the power button on the mobo and it posts and i can get in the bios.
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  1. hit and miss is how i have done mine generally, 1= pin. ,= blank.

    1,,1 = is normally the post speaker. 1,1 is the power L.E.D, and the rest are HDD, HD LED and power and RS. i knwo that nto much help but its best I can do, the power will be 11. with the posotive on the left, (in most cases) posotive will be coloured/negative either black or white
  2. Button polarity doesnt matter. Isnt it in the manual, on something called a quick start guide or similar...? Maybe try the webaite of the manufacterue
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    MSI usually print the pin / connector guide on the surface of the motherboard itself.

    You should have a block of pins

    PWR = power button + & - makes no odds which way round it goes
    RST = reset button again polarity doesnt matter
    HDD = HDD activity LED - polarity is important - if it doesnt light up then turn the
    connector round
    PLED = power led - polarity on this too needs to be correct or the led wont work -
    if it doesnt then simply turn the connector round

    and possibly

    SPKR = speaker connector...
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  5. Lol it was actually the case in itself the front panel connectors stopped working so I got a new one.

    Thanks for the help though!
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