Something wrong with my cpu?

or does CPU-Z sometimes read higher than BIOS?
or maybe something about the motherboard which is a ASRock 970 EXTREME3.

only changed multiplier to 19x which says should be 3.8Ghz.
did have cool and quiet enabled if that could be a reason...

the 1.5v scares me a little after reading around but does that with cool and quiet even at default 17x.
switched back to 17x after i ran handbrake for about 3 mins and temps hit 60º with a COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO, and it is about 32º in this room since no AC so wasnt planning on overclocking really maybe until winter, just wanted to try it out.

any opinions about the 4.2Ghz, which seems hard to believe unless something is wrong (the bus is set 200MHz in BIOS :??: ), and the 1.5v would be appreciated. :(

EDIT: for some reason, after trying again at x18, cool and quiet doesnt tamper with max volts but still higher than what BIOS says. 18x gives me 3800Mhz and was able to set it to 1.45v, not sure why everything is higher than BIOS
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  1. your CPu is fine ... CPU-Z alway's little different with bios about voltage, temperature etc, and you must disabled C1E / cool n quite, if still enabled your speed will raise without control and it can cause your system not stable or dangerous
  2. It is fine ( remember every cpu is different some overlcok better than others even if they are the same cpu, and sometimes for some reason software cannot accurately detail what you cpu is actually using, as long as your temps are under 62c i wouldnt worry, turn off cool n queit, and undervolt as much as possible
  3. yea dropped it down to about 1.375v and keeping it at 3.8Ghz.. rarely goes over 50c when full load..
    thought about using PhenomMsrTweaker, but cool n quiet doesnt seem to be affecting voltage or speed now.

    if still enabled your speed will raise without control and it can cause your system not stable or dangerous

    havent witnessed that yet, it caps at 3.8Ghz like i have set. only got over 60c when it was clocking 4.2 cuz i thought it would be 3.8 since bus speed is apparently always higher than BIOS shows..
  4. test it with prime95
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