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My computer starts, but there is no display - no BIOS/bootup screen or anything. The graphics card is integrated onto the motherboard. I also tried using an external graphics card, still no display. I tried a different power supply unit, removed and reinserted the RAM, to no avail.

Does this seem like a motherboard issue? Is there anything else I can try? The following are the specs: http://support.acer.com/acerpanam/desktop/0000/Acer/AspireM1640/AspireM1640sp2.shtml
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  1. Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    If you have no display, how do you know that the computer starting up?

    What PSU's did you try?
  2. The processor fans, hard drive etc all power up and all fans start blowing, but there is no display. I have to hold the power button to turn it off. I swapped out the 250W power supply that is currently in it, and tried a 450W power supply, same thing happens. I do not have the makes and model numbers of the PSU's handy at this time, will post this in a few hours. I can however verify that both PSU's work on another PC, which sorta rules out them as being faulty.
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