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Hello, i recently swapped cases for my in-laws in which i found the manufacturer ended up bolting on the left side of the case after screwing in the hard drive, so i proceeded to pry it out since it was only aluminum attempting to be very gently with the drive as i did this. now the hard drive that connects over IDE freezes the bios, but i need to recover the memory some important files seem to have been present in the drive, shame on me for not doing a back up, any suggestions?
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  1. what was bolted on the case? I don't understand what your saying. Hard drive should not Freeze the bios you can access the bios without a hard drive. Try booting with only one stick of ram and look up the correct slot to put the one stick of ram into per manufacturers instruction. (some mobo's the ram has to be in a certain slot)
  2. Hi

    1- change the cable might be damaged in prying.

    2- chech jumper set to master

    3- test it in another computer

    if all that fail: might be dead
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