Ram Voltages setting?

Hello, I have a question about ram voltage settings. My sisters computer sometimes freezes in Windows7 mostly when Pc is idle or she is using in internet not when Pc is under load.

Pentium Dual Core E2200
Asrock Wolfdale 1333 D667 R2.0
Apacer DDRII 667Mhz memory Dual Mode 2GB+1Gb total 3GB (Intel Flex tehnology)
Geforce 9500gt
Lc power 400W
DVD burner
WD Green Caviar 500GB hard drive

I used Memtest+ 86 to check the ram and in test6 it found 3 errors. The test ran 4 passes. I've read somewhere that also incorrect ram voltage settings can produce this. But in Bios settings I have found where to change voltages but the only option I have is LOW, MID, HIGH and AUTO. It is on Auto at the moment but I can't find any information in Motherboard manual or on the net which seting to use. Ram operates at 1.8V which is specified from Apacer for this perticular memory modules. I would be grateful for any help. Thanks
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  1. In my experience, the only time voltage becomes the problem is when the RAM is overvolted too high. Since your sister's computer BIOS is set to [Auto], it isn't overvolting. The [Auto] range for DDR2 RAM is ~1.7, so you're ok there.

    If you're getting errors in your RAM, they are very likely failing; stable at times, but failing.
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