GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D3V mobo with Win XP


Just finished building an econo-pc with the following mobo:

The system booted fine and I installed Windows XP on it. When I popped in the mobo drivers CD, on autorun it gives me an unexpected error and shuts down the utility. I manually installed whatever drivers I could, a lot of these are giving me errors or asking for the 3.5 .NET framework. I downloaded the framework on a portable HD and tried to install, the framework is asking for the Windows service pack, which will be my next step.

The network driver installation worked fine, but the network setup wizard still tells me I need to install network card drivers before I could connect to the internet.

Not sure if all these problems are from Windows XP only. I'm sure I could figure something out if I could connect to the internet on the PC.
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    The problem is that XP is old and current hardware provides poor support.

    When I built a new media PC last year, I installed XP SP2, then manually installed the network driver, then SP3 and all other Windows updates, THEN finally the other motherboard specific drivers.
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  3. Got it to work this Sunday. Installed SP 3 manually with a portable HD. Then reinstalled all the drivers - the mobo CD autorun worked after SP3 installation. After that everything fit together.

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