Overclocking AMD 4100, Limited by RAM?


CPU: AMD FX 4100 3.6 GHz (Stock cooler)
RAM: Mushkin 8GB at DDR3 1333
GPU: AMD 5670 1GB
PS: Coolermaster Extreme 650W

I've heard peope reaching up to 1GHz clocks on the stock cooler, but I have trouble reaching a stable clock at 4.0(Turbo goes to 3.8 though)? The only reason I can think of is either my RAM or my cooler, which should I be angry at? :sol:
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  1. You need more voltage.
  2. You mean voltage to my CPU correct? But I thought volting only came later for more serious OC'ing..
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    Not really, different chips perform differently.

    Some may hit those clocks at stock, while others may need more voltage.

    Yours needs more voltage.
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