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So I have a Older Copy Of Windows XP i Think SP1 Or 2 but i have recently or want to start repairing laptops and computers but i have started with a friends and got it to boot but i still need to install windows every time i enter in the code it say it is not valid but it is printed on the top how do i go about fixing this it is a Sp code how do i update my disk and i would like to fix it so it is a oem disk so i can just enter the code in and use all of the versions basic to pro but i don't know how to do this i need some help
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  1. There are several different versions of Windows XP install disks, and you must have the EXACT correct disk for the license key to work.

    Some of the version (off the top of my head):

    XP Home OEM
    XP Home Retail
    XP Pro OEM
    XP Pro Retail
    XP Pro Volume License
    XP Media Center
    Plus various upgrade and market specific versions. . .
  2. Try to download and install update windows after installation.
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