The problem on nvidia network controller ethernet adapter\

hi...well my problem start when i figured out that why i cant connect to internet its because of corrupt network shows there yellow exclamation win port and the network controller is enabled yet i cant i look for updates but i thing i made a mistake i installed a new one but it says there for me to continue i should uninstall the former so i did basically because it there so it became ethernet then i finally connect but my problem sometimes i cant and i have to update it again and again and i think i have more than one network adapter and my local area connection become 7 from 0 you know what i mean "Local area connection7" please help me as soon as possible..thanks!
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  1. One of the reasons that punctuation is so popular is that it helps break ideas down into digestible chunks.

    Seriously, you will get more help if you redraft your post having considered each issue more carefully.
  2. Uninstall the Network Card. Delete all Local Area Network Connections. Reboot computer. It will detect and install the card again. You should now only have one LAN connection.
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