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I'm going to be building a lan computer pretty soon, as my stuffed HAF 932 and 23" monitor aren't exactly what one would call "portable". :P

Here's what I'm wanting to cram into a lanbox:

Core i5 750 (overclocked)
CoolerMaster GeminII CPU cooler (Corsair H50 if there's a 120mm, or a place capable of modding to put a 120mm in)
8GB Patriot 1600
GTX 260 (SLI)
1TB Western Digital HD
LG DVD burner
Then bluetooth and wireless usb dongles on usb header adapters.
So obviously, its going to be a little warm in there.

I like the TT Lanbox with the handle

However I'm trying to see if there are any other cases I might like instead. I'm looking for something similar to the TT lanbox (same basic shape), and preferably with a handle. I'm not fond of any of Silverstone's cases including the Fragbox due to lack of good cooling. I like overclocking, good cooling is essential. Apevia's cases seem to be made of crap material, so no go there. The NZXT Rogue caught my interest, but its hard to find now. Any suggestions, or should I just stick to the TT Lanbox and some high performance fans?
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  1. Don't chose INTEL instead chose AMD................. the Smarter choice.
    instead of Patriot, take G.skill.
    Instead of GTX chose ATI.....................................................................
  2. Thank you for recommending new hardware when I was asking for case suggestions.... anyone else? *sarcasm*
  3. Sorry about that, check out the Antec 900 or 600 they both have really good looks and cooling performance ------------->


    [under 80$]


    [under 110$]

    But if u r really looking for the best cooling, not the looks then I suggest u take The Corsair Obsidian Series 800D
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