How to boost LAN speed ?

I have a Asrock 970 extreme3 mobo and i have no idea on how to increase the LAN speeds as I hear alot. Everytime I boot up the computer and i come to my desktop it shows the Asrock Xfast lan but I have NO IDEA how to use it. please help me i'm a novice at the stuff.
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  1. Everything I've read says that it's actually not worth using. Actually, everything I've seen so far says that it reduces LAN speed overall. My recommendation is to just not use it.
  2. What specifically is the problem? Chances are your LAN is working as fast as it can.

    This product is for prioritising traffic through your LAN interface, this is usually for keeping game responding quickly while having other applications open that use your lan/ internet.
  3. Your LAN bandwidth (speed) is limited by what your router can throughput. LAN speed is not related to your internet connection speed. What devices are on your LAN and what issues are you experiencing?
  4. Do not use XFAST!

    I lost 4-5MB on the speed test with it on!
  5. amuffin said:
    Do not use XFAST!

    I lost 4-5MB on the speed test with it on!

    Yep, your post on another thread is one of the posts that I was using to base my opinion on.
  6. im not having any problem with it. my speed is 100mbps and i was wondering what is the application for and if i can use it to my advantage while playing online if im lagging maybe boost up the amount of speed that can be ... idk i need to do my research im sorry
  7. Yeah any LAN issues anyone has is going to be a bottle neck with your ISP speeds. Most Cox Cable plans are what...5mb up/1mb down? And with verizon fios the routers they provide are gigabit rated, but its still only 25/25, which a 100mb network can handle with ease. Unless your running some kind of crazy business line (we have a 100mb dedicated line from cox at work) there isn't really anything that can be done.
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    Let's be sure not to confuse 'LAN' with 'WAN' as they are separate networking concepts. 'LAN' refers to your local network, inside your router/gateway/modem, etc. 'WAN' refers to the network between your router/gateway and the remote router/gateway you connect to (in theory, can be dozens simultaneously depending on application traffic).

    Your 'LAN' speed isn't the issue here; it's your ISP WAN connectivity that is in play when you are referring to internet latency, high pings and download speeds. Also remember that advertised ISP speeds (and what you are paying for each month) varies widely based on localized traffic to hubs in your area as well as the ability of the remote router/gateway/server to process data effectively.

    The 20' of cabling between your PC and the outside of your house likely isn't the problem unless you have a faulty router/modem/gateway or a screwy network switch. The rest is the WWW and the ISP.
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