Advice on Cooling x4 945

Hey guys my system specs are in my signature, and Im looking to push my 945 a lithe further.

Currently My 945 is bottlenecking my GTX 480 pretty bad in WoW so I over clocked the 3.0ghz to 3.45ghz and i saw a huge increase. I want to push this thing to 3.8ghz but obviously need an aftermarket cooler. I would like this to stay under 55C under load. Thanks!
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  1. Mo you need a cooler to stay under 70 C

    otherise see how far you can go 75 C at full load is acceptable , it will last 3 years and beyond that you need a new computer for yourself, and it makes a nice present
  2. Everywhere I read they say 55C.... If I over clock that sucker to 3.6 on stock cooling I am at 50 at idle... 56-57 at load So I would imagine I would be around 60-62C at 3.8 on stock cooling.
  3. 75 C load is tops, it wont last foreever but a relative/friend can have it amnd it will work fine, it's only voltage it hrts it doesn't kill till you fry

    ou and the 945 ar enot going to live together foreever and have kids, it has 2 -3 years tops and it goes to a relative untill then just put the juice to it and keep it under 75
  4. Im not to sure.. I really don't want to fry anything
  5. guy it is not ganna last for ever just sayng
  6. I did some booming research last night and found a couple of great CPU coolers for an acceptable price.

    - Antec H20 620
    - Corsair H60
    - Noctua NH-D14
    - Thermalright Venomous X

    The Antec and Corsair are watercooling systems and the Noctua and Thermalright are Air Heatsinks.

    From the reviews and benchmarks graphs I read, the conclusion was that the Thermalright Venomous X is the best of all the other products (temperature wise and sound wise) + it's the cheapest option (or at least in my country).

    But with any of the above mentioned you can't go wrong. The installation is peanuts and the performance is great overall.
  7. Quote:
    my last processer lasted for 8 years! id say thats good....

    When I say last for ever I mean stay current... I still have a 1.2 duron floating around somewhere
  8. The Venomous X is a fantastic cooler, if you can afford it and fit it in your case you shouldn't even think twice about picking it up. I have a Thermaltake Frio on my 945 and i run at 3.6ghz 24/7 and never see anything higher than 52 degrees.
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