Is there any tool that assigns individual proc cores to vms?


I recently bought an i7 core laptop and wanted to simulate multiple virtual machines on it. I want to create 3 VMs and assign specific core to each VM. Is there any tool that supports that?

i7 -|-Core 1 - Host OS
|-Core 2 - VM 1
|-Core 3 - VM 2
|-Core 4 - VM 3

Is this kind of setup possible!?

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    You could manually set each "process's" affinity to each core in task manager. There might be some app/ flags (to set affinity automatically upon load) to do this...
  2. i wouldn't worry about it too much as long as you have windows 7 as the host OS
    it has a quite good Task Scheduler

    also, the VM program should allow you to assign so many cores for the VM so one can have one core, 2, 3 ,4
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