E7200 2.53ghz VS e6600 2.4 quad core

what would be better for gaming an e7200 2.53ghz core 2 duo or an e6600 2.4 quad core I have both processors and which ever one i install I'm going to overclock. and which is better for Oc'ing?
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  1. E7200.
  2. even if there both Oc'ed to.... say like 2.8?
  3. prefer Q6600 quad cores
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    Depends on the games you are playing. i personally would use the q6600 because i play quite a few games which support 4 core / threads cpu's. you might be able to get a higher clock speed with the e7200 but if you have the proper mobo with the Q6600 you should be able to get to 3.2 - 3.6.
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