Please help me! Lost files on SD Card!

Okay fellas, I need some major help.

So my camera lost or deleted picture files off of my SD card, and I really would like them back--they were of my first whitetail buck I have ever shot.

I took about 10 pictures, VIEWED them on the camera, then went to upload them to my computer, and they are all gone! I downloaded about half a dozen different picture recovery software, and none have worked so far. They will recover older files, but not the most recent ones of my deer. I do not understand how I could view them on the camera, then an hour later, they are gone.

Please, any info would be greatly appreciated, this is so very important to me.

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    They were, (somehow) saved to the internal memory of the camera, and not the SD card.
  2. Good thing that your problem is solved . End of the day, that is what actually matters.
    Happy Holidays!!!
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