Monitor won't display POST screen D:

So i just finished building my first computer :bounce: and i tried to plug it in today... Fans started spinning, motherboard light is on, Mini-fires did not erupt all over the case... Seemed well, except I noticed nothing came up on my screen. No POST, not even a eerie flickering. :pfff: :sweat: I guess the problem is with the graphics card not recognizing the mobo(though,the fan for it spins,and it uses no external power connector,so it must be getting power through the mobo at least),or the graphics card not recognizing the monitor. Any suggestions? :sweat: (I've tried the common solutions, reseating the gfx card, clearing cmos)
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  1. Care to post the specs?

    Is the monitor plugged in to the graphics card? :P
    Have you tried reseating the ram?
  2. Yep,tried reseating the ram, and my mobo HAS no onboard graphics so of course it's plugged into the graphics card. I guess i'll just take everything out and hook it up again. Unfortunately my motherboard lacks a system speaker,so i can't listen to beep codes until i can get one.
  3. im having the exact same problem, did you ever get yours working? because i dont know what to do
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