Nvidia GeForce 9200 overclocking.

Hi. I would like to overclock my integrated Nvidia GeForce 9200. I am on a slimline computer (Ok, my parents bought this computer -_- I don't have money) I am thinking of using this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQGsbMWr0ws
Will it help me? If so, does overclocking differ from every GPU?
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  1. Most mobile and integrated GPUs cannot be overclocked. Even so, it will not have a noticeable impact on performance and will not make an unplayable game playable
  2. I am not on a laptop if that's what you mean by mobile. I THINK it is an integrated graphics card as it came with my computer.
  3. I can't find much information about the GeForce 9200, just some 9200M GS. Either way, even if it could be overclocked it would not help at all.
  4. Overclocking super low-end cards is pointless.
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