Can i use my book essential on mac and xbox 360

can i use my book essential on mac and xbox 360. I just want to put avi and mp4 files on the hard drive and watch them through xbox360. I had no problems doing this with my iomega, but needed a larger hard drive. I can get it to work on my mac, but my xbox360 won't recognize it.
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  1. Please check if the drive is formatted as FAT32(MAC os will normally use HFS+). If the mac formatted it, then the file system may not be readable for the 360. It may have to be FAT32. Both can read and write that file system.

    If you change the file system time, all data on the drive will most likely be erased.

    Have not used OSX in a while so here is how to do that. Check to see the current file system. If it is already FAT32, then you have a different issue.

    All point to the same setup. Guess it just used MS-DOS(FAT)
  2. I tried formatting the drive to fat32 but it's 3 tb and master boot record is grated out as an option in the mac's system tools. Is there a hard drive size limit for fat32 and, if so, is there a way around that. Thanks.
  3. I think the general way around it is more then one partition. 3TD is a very big drive.
  4. If I do multiple partitions can I format each to fat32 and access both from Mac and xbox360. I'm fairly new at this.

    Thanks again.
  5. I have not tried it, but i think 2TB was the limit(but it should be higher).

    Most of the utilities to do this seem to be for Windows only. Do you have a windows computer or windows under Boot Camp?

    I am not sure if you can use a 3TB partition with Xbox360, it may have to be under 2TB. I do not have a 360 to test with(hell my biggest drives are all 2TB as well.)

    Most people seem to be using this, but its windows only.
  6. It looks like appletv might be my only answer.
  7. Does the 360 not steam over a network? From shares on your computer?
  8. I hadn't thought of that. Do I need to buy anything to make that work
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