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Which video card should i get?

I am thinking for buying a geforce 9800 gt. The thing I am stuck on is if i should get the ecco version or the normal? I see on new egg that a ecco version of the card is 77$ which is a zotac brand, and i see a normal that cost like 80$. My comp is pretty old only a pentium 4 3 ghz. I know that my cpu will bottle neck but this card is only 10$ more then a hd 4670. My last question is, that i only have a 300 w power supply. i know it wont be enough for the normal version but would that be fine for the ecco? I was planning on buying new ps anyways.
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  1. Take your change on the ECO version and buy the PSU if your current one wont run it.
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    With that Pentium 4 it would be a complete waste of money to buy a new graphics card in the first place. The best thing you can do is save that money for buying a new pc.
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