Freenas Motherboard/cpu ITX combo with 4 sata + 1 esata?

Hi I am looking to build a freenas (No RAID) very low power 4 HD system

Motherboard Criteria:
integrated CPU E350/D510/D410 any integrated CPU for lowest power consumption + least amount of cooling need
MITX board
1 x HDMI
4 Sata ports
1 x Esata port which allows me to connect to sans digital towerraid tr5m+ which has 5 drives in enclosure (comes with RAID controller card RR622)

I have asus sabertooth x58 motherboard and with sans digital drivers I am able to connect to all drives with onboard esata adaptors (without using RR622 card) (onboard esata is from JMicron® JMB362 controller)

Dont need it for gaming or playing media at all....purely NAS functionality

Now I have very hard time (researching last 4 days) to find any mobo esata which suggests to support onboard esata to connect tr5m+ and able to see all hard drives with default freenas driver support?

I am new to freenas and not good with unix, thus looking for minimum trouble with drivers...
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