New Pc Boot wont work on Disk drive

I recently built a new system with:
Sabertooth 990fx
Gskill DDR3 1866
etc and just purchased a new asus dvd drive

Every time I boot, *Switched boot order and made sure disc worked* it recognizes a drive and says press a button to boot from drive. I press button nothing happens..
Eventually it goes to a screen where it says "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key.

Just was really looking for some answers on what I should do
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  1. porkubounce said:
    *Switched boot order and made sure disc worked*

    This is an original OS boot disk? If not and is a burnt copy have you booted another computer from it?
  2. yes I have booted it from another computer
  3. Then your problem is really strange, unless your keyboard is not working!
  4. the keyboard does work since I can enter into bios with it.
    My drive is detected in the bios but on boot it says no drives detected.
    Oddly enough my computer recognizes it differently based on which sata i plug the drive into
  5. If that is the case then it would be a motherboard issue!
  6. Do I need to return the motherboard for another then?

    The sata problem only occurs when I plug it into Sata3G vs sata 6G

    Realized now I use the 3g. But still no luck
  7. Unless you have disabled SATA controllers in BIOS then I think that the board is your problem, if you can test the drive in a different computer then that would confirm it.
  8. If it matters at all the boot led comes on red during boot. will go test the drive now though
  9. It seems the drive is shot and I bought one from best buy that wont even power on
  10. Make sure the cable's are properly attached!
  11. They were properly connected. Seems I Have terrible luck but I'll go pick up another drive tomorrow to be 100% thats it not the motherboard. I just found it strange each disk drive was defective in a different way so I guess it's just dumb luck
  12. hey
    unplug all the cable from mother board and dvd writer... make it clean and plug again in proper way(specially power cable) and also check your BIOS battery.
  13. I am having this exact problem... I did a build yestday and am looking for this answer as well
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