SSD has over 1000ms response times!

In the Windows Resource Monitor, my solid state drive typically has response times of over 1,000ms in several files. My read/write benchmarks are still fine, a little slower than when I first got it, but nothing major. It's just that the disk length queue (which is also typically idles at 0.2 - 0.4 and peaks from 5 to 25 during minor disk activity, like browsing this forum) and my response times seem TERRIBLE. I get the feeling this is probably highly unusual and would explain my slowing boot times and unresponsive computer. Is my SSD failing?

Edit: TRIM is active in Windows and is supported by the drive.
Edit: Here is the Windows Assessment.
> Run Time 00:00:00.00
> Disk Sequential 64.0 Read 229.52 MB/s 7.4
> Disk Random 16.0 Read 39.10 MB/s 6.3
> Responsiveness: Average IO Rate 10.25 ms/IO 2.9
> Responsiveness: Grouped IOs 26.83 units 1.9
> Responsiveness: Long IOs 60.02 units 1.9
> Responsiveness: Overall 1610.38 units 1.9
> Responsiveness: PenaltyFactor 1.0
> Disk Sequential 64.0 Write 185.74 MB/s 7.2
> Average Read Time with Sequential Writes 33.142 ms 1.9
> Latency: 95th Percentile 212.461 ms 1.9
> Latency: Maximum 450.486 ms 4.2
> Average Read Time with Random Writes 3.159 ms 6.5
> Total Run Time 00:06:15.48
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  1. I would examine the SMART report for the drive.

    You could use smartctl from smartmontools for this purpose.

    Here is the Windows package:
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