What heatsink will overclock a core 2 duo to 4ghz?

I was wondering what Heatsink should keep my cpu at safe temps @ 4GHz

My cpu:
Core 2 duo e7300
Base clock - 2.66ghz
Cache - 3mb


Asus P5n-D

Viotec 550w

I was thinking, will a hyper 212+ work?
Corsair h60 water cooling?

I want to do this because I plan to run 2 gtx 460's in sli, to limit bottleneck, then just transfer them over to my i5 when I build it, this is just to hold me over.
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  1. I'd stick with a CM 212. As a stop-gap solution, it doesn't really make sense to spend all that much on it and the difference between a 212 and H60 isn't really going to be worth the price.
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    Overclocking is highly variable. There is no certainty your chip will reach 4GHz, or if it does, how much voltage will be needed for it to be stable (higher voltage = more heat). You can find cooler reviews at HardwareSecrets also tests coolers. In general, with a decent fan on it, one 120mm direct-touch tower cooler will be within a few degrees of another. I would suggest one from Xigmatek, Corsair, or Noctua.
  3. Seems if I attempt for a 4ghz clock, Ill trust in a hyper 212 with some nice push pull 120mm fans. If I get there, do you think a 212 with aftermarket fans should keep it cool under stressed games like bf3/crisis?
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  5. Thanks. I will never recommend a CM product because they have been caught by HardwareSecrets in some pretty flagrant acts of dishonesty. They may have some other products which are excellent, but a rational individual does not support dishonesty. That is why I recommended the others. I have a Xigmatek Gaia myself keeping my 4GHz Phenom II at 31C right now.
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