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I am fixing to buy 6 GB of DDR3 1600mhz ram to replace the 6GB 1067 ram I already have . But read that it will only run at 1333mhz from a rep that replied at newegg . Here are the comments .

Cons: I could not get it to run at advertised rating when 2 sets of this kit are installed on an Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard (also bought from newegg) paired with Core i7 965 Extreme. I'm supposed to be able to run the CPU at 6400 GT/s QPI speed standard with 1600 DDR3 ram without any overclocking. BIOS tells me of an overclock error even though I'm not even overclocking. If anybody from GSkill can contact me about this with any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
Manufacturer Response:.
Dear customer

we apologize for this inconvenience. however, the Intel I7 memory controller is not good to run with 6 modules installed. they need to have stronger single. if you use rated DDR3 1600 memory 6 modules, the best you can get is DDR3 1333. if you want to run DDR3 1600, you need to purchase DDR3 1800 or 1866 memory. there is nothing wrong with each memory modules, it just I7 doesn't support over DDR3 1066 if you check out the Intel I7 website. they only support up to DDR3 1066...........


Thank you

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My specs>
i7-975,6GB 1067 ram,saphire 5850,640 BG HD,850 watt PSU,windows 7 64

This is what I want to get>

Would the ram still run at 1333mhz.
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  1. The G. Skill rep is talking about the limits on 6 RAM MODULES, the model you linked: F3-12800CL8T-6GBRM is 3 MODULES and should be able to reach 1600MHz with overclock settings in the BIOS.
  2. You will be fine running at DDR3 1600 at 6GB. The Newegg comment you posted was for the user trying to run 12GB (2 sets), which can cause a stability issue. This isn't the case with just 6GB (1 set) of memory.
  3. Thank you very much . Will order this tomorrow .
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