Help with Windows Vista or windows 7

I reinstalled vista into my new 700gb hard drive for more work space.
\but after installing it.
my usb are acting up.
on a mini 2.5 usb hardrive are my backed up works and software.
but i cant get vista to recognized the drive.
my laptop reads it fine.
sometime the mouse and keyboard won't work.
i uninstalled mass usb storage from device manager, and let vista reinstall it again.. and it still won't work

last night i purchased windows 7 key with a link to a server where i can download it and burn it.
since vista is giving me trouble.
i turned to windows 7.
i download the 64 bit and 32bit retail version. burn them and tried to installed them... but i get "a required CD/DVD device driver is missing"

after clicking ok. i get this
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  1. I got this error too. The cause was a corrupted ISO file. I re-downloaded it and burned a new DVD and all was well. (Btw, this happened to me for Server 2008R2 not exactly Win 7, but R2 and Win 7 are more or less the same ). Try using a Download Manager like FDM: when downloading.
  2. I agree with Shadow703793 iv seen the issue a few times

    Id love to know why it just effects just the drivers/device side during install...
  3. lets hope that would fix the issues.
  4. Also when burning the DVD try it at a lower speed something like 4X or 6 to 8X speed, that way its more stable.. i have done this and it works.
  5. vista is working. all it needed was an update...but my auto update wasn't working so i downloaded it from microsoft catlog site
    i bought a 16g usb for windows 7 installation
  6. Guys - I know this thread is years old, and I'm sorry for reviving, but I'm having the exact same error message when trying to install Windows 7, and Google Goggles led me here. :) I'm finally upgrading from Windows XP to 7, while at the same time replacing my DVD drive with a Samsung BD drive, and installing a Mushkin Chronos 120GB SSD.

    Both the BD Drive and SSD appear to be instaled properly in XP, as I can load/read discs from the drive, and I can see the SSD drive, 111GB. However, when I direct my BIOS to load from the BD Drive with Win 7, I get the exact same error message as in the OP's screenshot. The Win 7 disc is a burn of an ISO file, so as suggested in this thread, after I got the error message once, I asked him for another copy. The 2nd copy did the same thing. Is it possible I have 2 bad burns? I've confirmed I have the latest FW for my BD drive (Samsung SH-B123L, firmware SB04, from

    Any other ideas? Much appreciated.

  7. Bump just once, then I'll move on. ;)
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