How do I clean my graphics card?

Last year I got a PC from I don't know too much about my PC but I know a fair amount. I have a HIS HD 4850 IceQ Edition. It's been getting sorta hot lately and I would like to clean it out. I have an air-can, so how do I clean my graphics card to make it run nice again?
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  1. I'd guess you would just blow the air into any openings you can find. It shouldn't hurt the card unless you turn it upside down and blow that really cold liquid on it.
  2. Yeah since you have the IceQ edition it would be best to take it out and blow air
    from the back of the card(where you connect your DVI cable) towards the fan.

    Hold the fan with your finger so it doesnt spin up to fast.

    While your at it blow out the rest of your computer.
  3. Is there a way to clean it without removing it from the PC. I can remove it but I'd rather not. I'm just nervous about breaking it. Can I just blow air from the back of my PC in? Also I cleaned out my Case/Fans other than my Graphics Card about 3 weeks ago.
  4. If you blow air in from the back all the dust in the graphics card will go all over inside the computer, which is the exactly what you don't want. You shouldn't hurt the graphics card if you only take it out to clean it.
  5. Yeah you can do it with the card in the case just about as easy.
    Just blow thru the heat slots below the DVI conectors.
  6. I used to own an older IceQ X1950 and it got so clogged with dust that the system would randomly crash. I ended up cleaning the thing with Q tips and it worked about as good as could be solved the random crashes and still works to this day (although I have something far newer now)

    My advice is to remove it from your PC and use like 20 Q tips to clean out the fan and all the little fins, also a can of air will help reach the parts you cannot get to with the Q tips.

    As a side note I own 2 dogs and I think the dust is a little sticky (or it could be the dust from here in Florida....) so air does not quite get all the dirt and dust :( but a little delicate scrubbing with a Q tip will make it all shiny and new :)
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