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I need a mobo that has a BIOS or BIOS update that will support my 1TB Samsung SATA HDD but also my CPU and RAM so I don't have to buy all that stuff again

I have an Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz socket 478 processor and 2GB of DDR RAM - my EPOX e4pda5+ mobo BIOS doesn't support the HDD.

Any help appreciated!
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  1. Buying a PCI SATA controller that supports your hard disk might be less expensive. You certainly won't find a new socket 478 motherboard.
  2. but wouldn't my bios still have to be compatible - particularly if i wanted to boot from SATA drive, which is what I was hoping to do?
  3. I have yet to see a motherboard that can't boot from an add-on card as long as the card has a boot BIOS. Even a card like should work, but I can't find info about your motherboard which doesn't seem to exist.
  4. cheers for the help mate
    made a typo with the motherboard model - its epox EP-4PDA5+
    the reviews for this card weren't too good - and someone wrote - "If you need RAID or need it to be bootable, save yourself the trouble of dealing with this cheap card with no support and spend a few more dollars on something better."
    how do I know if a card has a boot BIOS?
    Can you suggest any other cards for around $30-$40?
  5. Then take a look at the Addonics ADSA2: A host controller is bootable and the firmware normally is upgradeable.
  6. I've taken a punt on one similar to this - hope it works
    thanks for your help
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