Overclocked i5 3570k cooler advice

Hi all

Im looking for some advice - Im about to purchase a bundle which comes pre oc's at approx 4.6gh. Motherboard is either a p77-v lx, z77-dh3 or z77x-dh3. Cooler choices are thermalltake contac 29 bp, zalman cnps9900a led or antec kuhlur h2o 620 (there are more but out of my budget).

My question is what combo should I pick for optimal cooling? As I've heard anything past 4.5gh and air cooling is a problem ,though I'd like to stick to air if I could tbh - something about water running round my system scares me a tad. I also have a coolmaster 690 II case with 3 extra fans in it (only 1 at front is intake though, could add an extra if needed)

Thank you in advance

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  1. what exactly does the combo include? you would probably be better off building something yourself. It would be cheaper too.
  2. For 350 quid the oc'd i5 3570k cpu, the motherboard & coolers I posted earlier and 8g of corsair vengeance 1600MHz ram. Im getting it here as it's 12 months interest free and I'd like the CPU oc'd - I dont trust myself
  3. i have the Contac 29. i5-3570K @ 4.3GHz

    Idle Temps - 28C lowest, 30C avg.
    Load Temps - 68C avg. running Prime95

    it's a decent cooler for the price and for light OC. but if you're going to overclock beyond 4.5GHz, better get something like the Noctua NH-D14 or Thermalright Silver Arrow.
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