x58a-ud5 and sli

got a question about the x58a-ud5 it says it can do 3 way sli but this is quoted from gigabyte

if you are installing two PCI Express graphics cards, it is recommended that you install them in the PCIEX16_1 and PCIEX16_2 slots

well there first 3 pci x16 slots are right under each other

well i want to sli a dual slot card theirs no way in hell i can put then in 1st and 2nd slot if there right under each other.

so how does this work.

do you put it in slot 1 then skip the 2nd and put the other card in the 3rd slot??

and if so will they both work at x16 or will the 2nd run at x8

here is a pic if you cant remember what the layout looks like
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  1. Two words: water cooling!
  2. no on air i was reading on one sight you skip the 2nd slot and use slot 3 instead but idk if that will let both cards run at x16 or not
  3. I doubt GIGABYTE's ignorant enough to not realise the vast majority of graphic card are dual slot, try the first and third slots, it should work at x16/x16.
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