Why cant I upload a cd to my vista laptop?

I have a 64 bit dell computer and i can not upload a turbotax to it. It does not detect it at all. I have followed all procedures.
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  1. The turbotax CD Turbotax CD could most likely be in a Windows 32 bit OS and therefore would not be compatible with your 64 bit OS. I also have a Dell 32 bit OS and 64 bit OS programs fail to even be read by my 32 bit OS.

    I would suggest you shop at your local store and before you buy anything it is always advisable to read the OS requirements on the software packaging and if you have already purchased the Turbotax CD then you might be able to go to their site and search for their 64 bit OS version of Turbotax and then download and install the patch. :hello:

  2. 32-bit software (for the most part) should not have any problem running on 64-bit operating systems.

    gbushaw, what happens if you put any other CDs in the drive? Are those detected?

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