GPU Upgradation advice needed.

hi guys i needed advice to upgrade my antique compaq PC.

its a ECS RC-410 mobo,1 gigs ram,250 w PSU,p4 3.06 ghz ..please tell which gpu will be suitable for me.i am betting on hd 4670 and 4650 due to their lower requirements and price.

second since i will be playing games on an 17' crt so i think at 1024x768 any card will deliver good performance.

my psu can deliver a max 250w,so i think a corsair vx450w will be a good option.
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  1. Depends if it has PCIe or the older AGP slot.

    Its probably not worth it even if it has a PCIe slot.

    A whole new build may be in order.
  2. it has a pcie v1.0 slot.newer build will be costly as in India prices are higher than in US.
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